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Welcome to Vedic Astrology Forum

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Welcome to Vedic Astrology Forum

Postby Steve Hora » December 17th, 2013, 1:22 pm

*************** Forum Features ***************

Vedic Horoscope Readings
This Forum Astrologer is an expert in Vedic Astrology, Vedic Horoscope Predictions, Pancha Pakshi and NadiAmsa chart reading, uses a prediction technique from Nadi. NadiAmsa Chart ( 150th harmonic ) Predictions which will let know a person's fate and destiny accurately.

Vedic Numerology Reading
Secret of Sanskrit language and katayapadi system

Your Life-Time management - How to win over time?
We are under the influence of planets, which is imprinted in the horoscope. Then, what is free will power of an individual.
Free will is there. But time is not in your hands, it rolls on.
How to get hold of time?
Pancha Pakshi is the way, lets know one's time-capsule in a day, when a person is all powerful, without influence of planets.
In that time, one can use free will power and achieve what one wants.

Stock Market Timing your success for financial gains
1. Know your portfolio from your chart
2. Invest in those portfolios
3. Time your Entry and Exit to maximize your gains, as per your market analysis and success-time from your chart

Kaala Yantra - Time Yantra for success in your life

Astrological Doshas remedies and removal for your nakshatra

Prasna Marga - Predictive astrology for the question asked

Cure your diseases by Nadi Pariksha and Touch Varma at right Nadi Timing

Love / Marriage Compatibility, Nakshatra Baby Names, Virtual Family Astrologer, Your Nakshatra mantra, tree, gem stones

Yoga and Meditation - For your physical, psychological, mental and spiritual health

Shri Yantra - For your wealth and success
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Re: Welcome to Vedic Astrology Forum

Postby Steve Hora » March 2nd, 2016, 10:54 am

Enjoy your stay at this forum

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Steve Hora
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